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EU, Poland and TK reform

If you are not familiar with latest news about justice system changes in Poland or you watch/read mainstream media bubble about it, you must recognize of what real implications it may have for other systems to follow or not. Mainstream media chose to defend status quo and portray Poland as state which looses democratic ground. But is it so indeed?
(no author quotes, commentary section)
As quoted:
 “The traitors who called on foreign powers to intervene in Poland [i.e. the calls for the EU to stop the Polish government’s plans] were applauded by other traitors. The whole affair was unesthetic, dishonest, demagogic, demented and drenched in hatred. The speakers were aggressive and extremely frustrated at their complete powerlessness and because they themselves don’t have any positive proposals. … The communists and post-communists [the liberal opposition] went berserk on Sunday, because they have lost their power, influence and access to [state] funding. They once again reared their perfidious, anti-democratic heads outside the Sejm, putting their culture of barbarity on full display.”
comment: in history of Poland there were always numerous traitors, who were ready to compromise own country’s identity to gain personally. Because of them, Poland endured eventually fact of non-existence for over 100 yrs. Likewise, there is enough of traitors nowadays, as their financial benefits, career advancements etc. seem to be more of a concern than further existence of their country.
“This is a tiny little protest (comm. so-called: Oposition protest, which previously was at the power, when Polish people back in 2015 kicked them out of equation) compared with the Independence March [organised each year by nationalists] or the rallies in defence of [pro-PiS television channel] TV Trwam, for example. And the organisers and the rest of the left-wing elite in Poland know it. They are aware that the current demonstrations testify to their weakness rather than to a strong force of social outrage. But they have nothing else to offer. No positive programme. The only demand they have managed to come up with is stripping the PiS of its power. So they’re in a fatal situation.”
comment: mind-boggling stubbornness of opposition which is trying with rest of its pity power to jump higher than the fence in attempt to prove the whole world how bad shape democracy in Poland has. Unfortunately there are enough many Poles who seem to be well-played into this game, being continuously brainwashed into going to streets and raising issue after issue. Many mainstream media of course play into their hands. Typical phenomena of many countries problem.
“The politicisation of the judiciary is always a hot topic. Take the US, for example. But not even Donald Trump would think of simply replacing all the judges in the country’s top court. And if he did he wouldn’t say it out loud. Children learn about the division of powers in primary school. Kaczyński’s Poland, however, wants to prove that things can be done differently. This idea has nothing to do with conservatism or liberalism, it’s a pure product of radicalism. … And we’re all too familiar with radicalism from the 1960s: ‘We don’t know what we want, but we want it now!’”
comment: D. Trump would not dare to touch any of the discussed topic, simply because he can not even reform USA itself. It seems mission impossible for someone like him or many others after him to better future of America. Therefore touching judicial matters would cause political earthquakes, most people would not comprehend. However Poland dared to initiate this process in attempt to free all systems in Poland from hands of communist and post-communist agenda, still breathing and existing. Current actions of existing party PiS ordered to cut retirements of ex-communists, shy them way from influences in public life, however, this agenda is still strong in nowadays Poland, as post-regime people don’t give up easily their powers. Would it be successful? Time will show.
“After the shake-up of the Constitutional Tribunal, the EU began a dialogue with Warsaw and introduced a ‘procedure on the rule of law’ which even foresees the withdrawal of voting rights in the Council of the European Union. But at present the Union is a toothless tiger: the unanimity such a move requires would fail because of Hungary’s announced veto. What remains is public reprimands, recommendations due to ‘the distinct danger of a serious breach of the Union’s fundamental values’, and perhaps even a fine. But all of that can’t hide the fact that where there’s no will, there’s no way. Since the founding of the EU our neighbour Poland has perhaps never been as far away as it is now.”
comment: toothless tiger is ready to jump to bite, although this could come through as rumination, rather than biting. EU planned sanctions, as EU regulations are regulated by more powerful forces, therefore single Poland looks like a chicken stepping up the fight with the cobra snake. Can chicken ran fast enough? Time will show.
“Just look at the arrogance and impunity of the judges, with their decadent morals. Does a judge who steals a USB flash drive, swaps price labels or takes a sausage out of a store have the right to pass judgement on others? … Why are children taken away from their mothers because they are poor or overweight? The Polish judiciary is in a deplorable state. Only radical reform can restore justice”
comment: Unfortunately brainwashed Poles are programmed to protest on the streets to defend this sick system.



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This entry was posted on July 19, 2017 by in global conflicts, Poland, politics, populism.

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