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Polish – Polish War

“There is nothing worse, than leading country’s fate into dismantling it on own terms”
In our history we had many times examples of Polish-Polish war. Why? One would ask.
It is not because Poles love to fight with each other, but there is always dark and bright side of the power, as everything we are involved in on this planet.
The bigger question is, who stands and choose bright over dark side of the power. Great allegory would be shown in Star Wars, where endless battles between evil and good forces take place.
This allegory is not here out of the context. However it is never good when nation fights within, but some people choose this path, because there is not just anger or need of revenge (which is never good, although for many seemingly justified). It is basic need to implement values, which have to survive, when representatives of the nation betray their own blood and heritage.
The beginning of current Polish-Polish war.
In the history of Poland we can find countless examples of traitors, who chose their own interest over interest of the country and its identity. It is best expressed in our (Poles) story of Noble class, which eventually led, through arrogance, wrongly understood pride and conviction of superiority over other social classes, to disappearance of Poland.
There is nothing worse, than leading country’s fate into dismantling it on own terms.
Borders ceased to exist and we all know – when country has no borders – it looses its identity.
For over 100 yrs Poles, who felt responsible to regain this identity, fought very hard, loosing countless lives, to bring Poland back on the map of Europe.
We can now jump, a little forward, to bring us to 2 catastrophic – in long-term – events, which were WWI and WWII. Poland in both cases was a centre of those conflicts.
We have enough books and other historical materials, showing atrocities and constant fight for existence during this time.
However, Poland’s freedom again and again was sold by those, who thought it was necessary.
We found ourselves in iron jaws of Iron Curtain reality. Among other countries, who suffered        same regime.
In that time, many historians would never mentioned that up to 50s – after the WWII, we still had partizans in forests, fighting despite of nationwide marasm in peoples hearts and mind. Once in a while, there were attempts to free ourselves from Soviet ruling, which eventually ended up in Solidarity movement (here) triumph.
Did people of this time have to sell themselves and national interest, to make Poland free again? Possibly. Leaders, who were viewed as clean-cut individuals, had to juggle our fate in post- communism time. That means, that communists and post-communist era didn’t end exactly in 1989, but rather many years later, when we chose Lech Kaczynski as our president.
Story of Kaczynski twin brothers is as long as river. Both played as kids in a movie: «The Two, who stole the Moon» and maybe, ironically, this would transfer in later time to events, which evolved recently with such force.
Nevertheless, the most significant event, which happened in connection to Lech Kaczynski was his tragic death among almost 100 very important politicians, who flew in 2010 over Russian territory, to pay respect to victims of Katyn massacre (here).
They never managed to land, as plane crushed, in unexplained till now circumstances surrounding this case.
Ultimately this has divided Poland, having on one side people, who believed it was unquestionable assassination, and on the other side, people who believed (in that time media portrayed it this way) as yet another plane accident.
Till this day there are many unclear statements and conclusions to what actually has happened. Western investigators of the case tend to lean toward assassination case. East- specifically Russian authorities, play the role of innocent witness.
Why is it so important to understand the implications here?
Well, it is only ever-growing question mark of who, how and what was involved in this scenario. And till the right answers are not reached, animosities and many negative feelings will be surrounding it and forcing Poles to take sides.
The short story of twin alive brother: Jaroslaw Kaczynski.
In consequence of above events, Poland got as “gift”, newly established government, which contrary to previous one, was trying to wash hands away from the whole deal. Poland became even more divided with people taking drastic measures, including some political assassinations (hardly ever mentioned outside of Poland’s territory) and growing divisions. At this point 2 parties, representing extremely contrary views, portrayed very visibly Polish emotions and feelings. On one side, 2010-2015 ruling party PO (leftists) and PiS (right-wing, conservative, at the time: opposition party).
Years went by, while J. Kaczynski (PiS ) quietly was preparing to take back the political stage.
And he succeeded. In 2015, due to release of many political tapes (here), revealing huge case of sweeping corruption in PO government, helped J. Kaczynski to overtake political stage in Poland
From that point waterfall of events rained, taking us all the way to present time.
It is worth to mention, that hated by many Poles, previous PM (PO) D. Tusk, got his warm welcoming in EU political structures, topping it with even nicer payout for being currently EU Parliement Council. In response opposition (back then: PiS party) grew bigger, ending up with sweeping approval of majority votes in Poland.
Ruling party vs. current opposition (PO party)
Tables turned around. What used to be opposition party (PiS ) is now a ruling party with J. Kaczynski controversial leadership. He is the shadow of all regulations, reforms and any new powers. One could say: Grey Eminence. He also gained faithful army of deputy politicians, who are ready to defend him against any personal or political attacks from opposition. PO party automatically became an obvious alternative, who tries to question any movement of Kaczynski’s directives.
In this light, I will quote one of the PiS deputy quite controversial politician’s recent announcement about those, who are viewed by present ruling party (PiS) as Polish traitors (vastly PO).
«Mr. NEUMANN, SCHETYNA and the rest, including leftist opposition parties: this is NOT us – the legal authorities, selected DEMOCRATICALLY in the firm execution of our electoral program indicated by the Poles – who indeed will be imprisoned.
We will not be imprisoned for the recovery of Poland from the hands of mafia thieves and corrupted system, from the hands of traders to our national interests and our sovereignty to the individual interests of Nikodems Dyzma (literature character) of Third Republic of Poland, including their families and settlements. Nor for the fact that we defend ourselves against your hatred and aggression using only passive resistance.
However YOU will be imprisoned for your libelous crimes against us, during your previous reign. For Smoleńsk (Katyn related, see link above) lies and robbing people of their properties, as well as for not doing your “doggy» official duties.
You will be imprisoned for the terror and hatred you brought to the Polish streets and to various institutions, for the punishments, pressures and intimidation of legally acting officials and officers, for persuading them to speak obedience to your (PO party) superiors. You are ordinary traitors of Poland and you destroy this country “as punishment” that the Poles rejected you and can no longer parasitize the resources of our homeland together with your foreign partners (reference to West and Russia).
It is not «real citizens», who will be imprisoned and these are the Poles who will judge you for betrayal of your own country» (….)
Another excerpt: one of the journalists stated in face of continuous demonstrations:
“….visibly Soros and carousel-vat (tax related) demonstrations. However not well-organized attempt. Opposition reached totalitarian stage”
And finally another comment:
“What is happening here: these manifestations/demonstrations in different cities, those scenes for which someone visibly paid are not accidental” (and that can be definitely verified).
Nowadays emotions take streets of Poland with sweeping power. We are Slavs, we don’t settle with peaceful reaction to the fact, that we agree or disagree. Some of us choose dark side of the power (more attractive and easier to be accomplished) and some: bright side of the power. We stand on both sides of the same wall, which grows with every passing day.
Is it good for Poland, one might ask?
No, it is not, but it is necessary. It is necessary to stand for truth, as truth usually takes long time to surface. Everyone believes in own truth. But majority stand still for their convictions and experiences from past to decide, which force they will represent.
Justice (and other) reforms and what is means (also portrayed in mainstream media).
Considering the fact that media are owned in huge majority by few elite people, we need to take precaution, what we accept as true news in wake of many fake news. There are of course alternative channels, however people tend to flock to mainstream media for their source of information, therefore viewing given events as objective reality. However, we need to be very careful with, what is repeatedly given to us as mantra message. When we switch on Westernized news, we will surely hear that Poland’s democracy is under question mark and Poles feel threatened by current status of governments actions.
When we switch on alternative media stream, then we hear the contrary view of events. It is up to us, which version we choose, what side we will stand for.
Justice system according to ruling party PiS is overwhelmingly filled by corrupted post-communist regime people, who were using advantage of cashing out even more benefits in III Republic of Poland. This party wants all supreme judges to be replaced and to do so, it has just ruled that regulated law will help to get rid of them, sweeping away majority of justice – including voting – related issues.
Naturally, this fight wouldn’t happen without a smoke. Especially, when 3 wings of powers suppose to be in place.
Opposition views this as attack on democracy, leading many Poles to streets and arranging rallies against this law. This also shows Zombie like mentality of people, who not necessarily have clear view or understanding of situation, but due to personal gains or cost of staying in current job/or loosing current job are ready to defend what they call: «free Poland»
But was Poland ever truly free till now? Near half of Polish population says in this particular moment, that finally this change will bring truly «free Poland» to its steps, while another half of population cries out «that it is come back to communist ruling and autocratic system», where judges would be chosen in favour of current ruling party.
Finally for some, it is a story of sick man (J. Kaczynski), who wants to take revenge related to his twin brother’s death, giving himself the power to judge those, who – in his conviction – have betrayed Poland.
For outsider who doesn’t understand political conditioning of Poland and is not familiar with past events and all circumstances surrounding it, it is yet another disobedience of current ruling power in Poland. The threats come from all directions, starting from Opposition, EU parliament, ending on ruling party. Emotions take over and division grows deeper.
It is right to say, it is very painful time for Poland, but the truth is never easy to be faced. In few years we will see, if J. Kaczynski together with his ruling party, settle historical and political verdict on Poland. If, according, to some Poles, he is a “crazy case” or not, authoritarian and dictator like or not. In few years we will see, how many Poles were taken by dark or bright side of power, as a result of these changes. Immidiately and during many years, we will face possibly better times or possibly harder reality. No matter what outcome will be, it is important to seek truth, not internal or external fights. It is important to look at situation objectively, not taking left or right side and not favoring one party over the other, but seeing direct consequences of their decisions. It is important for Poland not to look back and wish it would be in EU structures or outside of them (EU promised to put heavy financial and voting sanctions on Poland, if current reform law will pass). Poland needs to seek its own identity, serving its own interest and staying at peace with neighbours. However, this is not an easy task altogether, as juggling truth against the hypocrisy is never easy one, to start with.
PiS political moves are, by many Western media and Western politics, viewed as authoritarian regime and a threat to EU unity. It is consequently ridiculed and criticized by its anti-immigrant and anti – Western sentiments (among some countries viewing these aspects similarly and citizens feeling growing threat connected with these policies).


One of the examples of European dynamics is the fact, that Poland and Hungary (with few other countries) form now alliance against Western Europe practices. It wasn’t always a smooth historical ride, however it is worth to familiarize yourself with, to get bigger perspective on this alliance:


Political advancement or failure?
Summary of PiS political promises and enacted already laws (verified by statistical research). It is important to add, that many back in 2015 and 2016 prophesied that PiS wouldn’t be a ruling party too long. It is 2017 and many Poles seems to support it. Everyone here can review, research and justify, if they are indeed good or bad changes:
1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by more than 6% per year during the PiS government, industrial production by more than 10%, investments by 20%, construction output by over 60% (can be reviewed in statistical review)
– 1.2 million jobs were created in the country between 2005 and 2007
– unemployment dropped from over 3 million in 2005 to about 1 million 100 thousand in 2008 (ruling of PiS in time of previous deceased twin Lech Kaczynski)
– inflation was low (met the criteria for euro zone entry) and the Zloty (PLN) was stable (the Zloty did not cross the barrier of 3.50 euro).
– public finance deficit decreased from around 4%. GDP in 2006 to 3%. It is worth recalling that under Polish PiS regulations, all the criteria for admission to the euro area were met. However, L. Kaczynski sensibly considered that we were economically weak to seek entry to the ERM2 corridor ( Freezing the PLN exchange rate for two years)
– the price of gasoline fell from about 4.30 zł to 3.70 PLN
2. Inheritance and donation tax were abolished.
– personal income tax was reduced, reduced by over half of the disability pension, resulting in increased salaries
– the lowest wage was raised and is continuously on the rise
– other tax changes in process (mainly touching tax abuse practices by big and smaller firms and their foreign contractors)
3. Within the framework of the Structural and Cohesion Funds, the PiS government received EUR 67.3 billion for the years 2007 – 2013 (for which roads are currently being built).
4. Introduced in the framework of loudly exclaimed pro-family policy unknown till now in Poland and common in Western Europe tax deductions for each child – above 1 (program 500+ with its obvious flows and successes)
– extended maternity leave
– introduced so-called: “Baby proram”, ie. childbirth allowance
– for the feeding of children, 500 million PLN a year was allocated
5. Energy. Initiated a policy of energy security by looking for independent sources of energy in Poland and abroad
– opposed the construction of the northern gas pipeline from Germany to Russia (Poland was excluded from negotiations between these two countries, however Poland is EU member)
– initiated the construction of a “gazoport».
– Three Seas Project
6. Medical System.
– Free Medicines for Seniors (75+)
– plan of medical reform in 2018. Major proposals:
liquidation of NFZ (medical contract insufficiency with medical entities) and replacing institution with UZP (Public Health Office). These office suppose to be more independent from government in its ruling about public health. NFZ is financed from patients premiums, UZP would be financed from national treasury). Changes suppose to touch 1.5 – 2.5 million citizens and design less burden on individual medical spending. You don’t have to pay premiums to be nationally insured.
7. Instead of national deficit, Poland just gained almost 1 milliard PLN
Those who are more interested in details can review more information. When typing «Poland’s already enacted PiS party laws», we can come across NYT article (here )
commentary: Author’s reflections are mirroring actual reality reported by different sources and are not a representation – in any way – of individual beliefs or political convictions.

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