kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

Made in America

It is no Poliszynel mystery Americans in general are very conservative. It is proven on each step, discussing topics like religion all the way to politics. Of course to many Americans current administration‘s changes and decrees being signed are just another sign to oppose whatever comes next.
The problem is, world and nations are changed, they move on, they crave changes and improvements, while Americans present in majority same shape and form in opinions as their all infrastructure in the beginning of XXI c.
Many travelers who visited different corners of this world can quickly diagnose that America looks and feels old. Old McDonald‘s buildings (among others) with only ever-changing sizes of burgers, same generic repetitions to plastic homes which need immediate upgrades.

And it is such cry out for truly “Made in America“, as America itself find herself being trashed with more Chinese plastic.
It is amusing that many people can portray high-rise buildings as the symbol of such innovation when, as a matter of fact, high-rises in America present style of 80s of last century. Nothing wrong with so-called traditions, but when you travel to Honduras or Ecuador, you may see far much more improvement in i.e style of house buildings.
Surely, you can find very modern and incredibly designed things in America, but mostly they come from….abroad, never being built with American hands.
So nowadays Americans watch in disbelief how their America is going to change in nano-eye-blink and it is sure process they are going to freak out about it.
There is of course more advanced part of America, which is quite open to innovation and progress, however with all Wall street money going into few pockets, this was only ironically long gone “American Dream”.
This article doesn’t refer obviously only to infrastructure, as it is one part of the huge political-economical or demographic machine, but nevertheless provides symbolism of all situation.
In recent Trump presidential speech, we could hear how America is ripped of by others and that ‘butchery’ is over for now. Well in view of many outsiders and foreigners who visited America, but live in different countries, America got what it exactly deserved. In outspoken opinions on many forums, online chats and other communication channels, you can read countless quotes like this:
“All presidents alway talk about God
Once there was even US president who happened to be illiterate
And he also talked about God….
It is very strange country, which one day will only have grass growing on its prairie…”
Well, this grass growth may happen sooner than later. Especially when conservatism in thinking will remain. However before then, we need to look at some topics:
Americans can argue for quite a while (not as long as Brits) whose elect-president crowds were or are bigger.They can go back and forward which president shamed them and to what extend and which didn‘t. Finally, they can claim their president is not theirs as, possibly in last case of recent inauguration, Putin may be America’s real Chief in Command.
There are as many religion branches in states as nearly people living in America. No one knows how many preachers, being in charge of big chunk of money swimming towards them, convince public to their life vision. Finally, as heterogeneous  as America is, there is no true religious identity, however majority of Americans constantly refer to God.
“American Dream” has nothing to do with values, although Americans get this value propaganda about their freedoms etc in every day news. American Dream equals money.
America and the world.
While most Americans are convinced they were “butchered” by other countries, it is in view of many “other countries” that America “butchered” them. Statistics and geopolitical events speaks louder than words. We can list it here, but the list would be endless. Just to name few: Syria and whole Middle East, South American leaders, European financial crisis (of course European banks are as well at fault) and on and on.
It is probably the hardest argument, as we hear “the most greatest nation on this earth” and then we ask ourselves: “Wait a minute? Nation? – endless racism, multiracial groups, which are rather hibernetic and isolating or fighting between each other, American freedoms which are understood very differently than world standard freedoms (just to give example: there is more don’ts/forbidden, than one can figure out).
Special relationship with Great Britain.
“We need to have confidence that we (US, UK) can lead together again” – in simple words UK Prime Minister May indicates UK never-ending ownership of US. Let‘s make it clear. If British Queen could take over previous colonies, it would happen definitely quicker than Brexit.
And finally clapping 🙂
Not sure why, but Americans love to clap (apart from carrying banners, stickers and all this other Chinese crap). It doesn‘t matter if a speaker speaks wisely and claims are supported, clapping is overall good as it shows overall positive outlook onto reality.
Well, considering that just last century slavery officially ended in America and US Constitution is bended left and right with up keeping outdated laws which don’t work in nowadays reality, we can say: ‘America has huge job to do and needs to revise its own standing in this big world’. That could save this country from becoming one day a grass filled land only.

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