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Where REAL war takes place?

“All so-called securities are flashing away graciously in toilet bowl of ever-growing Matrix”
There are many, VERY well written articles about how global scenario plays out, but for the public there is one thing, which is most crucial to be familiarized with.
All current talk about Russia meddling in US election, US and Russian planes intercepting, Russian protecting their interest in Syria and other regions, US using main stream media to ponder a message of being a victim of global anti Americanism, ALL –  has only one factual explanation.
America currently has been and is in a very dangerous economical spot. It has been for a while, but it reaches tipping point of no return.
Regardless of preference of political parties you may have, Democrats are using all playing cards to lay out a ground for elimination of Republican/Trump administration. What does it mean for you? Average American? Well, as you already have noticed there is wide agenda of middle class elimination and we are not talking here about reviving it using trumpism era. Make no mistake: more extremely differently culturally people come to America, changing its landscape in dramatic shift. Seems that only few Yankees notice it, being too busy with watching mainstream media shuffling some most idiotic crap down everyone’s throat. But that has been going on for years. Even more. While you want to believe in ‘America First’, it looks that in period of 5-10 years, you may see ‘America Last’ being pronounced as 3rd world country.
While lemurian in its character American public still seats in its cozy or not so cozy furnitures, it may discover soon, there is nothing to seat on in a long run. Nothing to eat, nothing to enjoy and nothing to clinch to when all family structure goes apart.
America nowadays is in phase of becoming a carrion, decaying much faster then most public can embrace in its factual observation.
There is one single reason, why all of us hear constant news of Russian interference (which undeniably exists in many parts of the world) and barely anyone catches up with America’s state of being.
There were already few attempts to put down US dollar. Easiest way to accomplish it, is to un-tie US dollar from being petrodolar. Some countries have already threaten to do so, however so far US have managed by implementing local (for now) conflicts to sustain relative dominance of almighty green buck.
We all know when all hell breaks out (and it has always sth to do with money) and it is exactly the moment, when country goes into economical death spiral.
Is it an obvious day-to-day process?
Yes and no.
Finances are designed to be as complex as possible, so when a player looses credibility and trust of others, he needs to juggle all his options to get out from gravely circumstances.
For now public in America and around the world receives quite fatty chunk of all details about Russia and those cooperating with Russia, just to put successfully attention away from the real issue, which is now few good decades into its development.
Ironically, before H. Clinton was about to be elected as president, we used to hear her clear promise of attacking Iran one of the first agendas on the table during assumed presidency. For laik, it is even logical to connect dots here and figure out, if Iran was attacked, immediate Russian reaction would follow in one form or the other. Do we here about Iran nowadays? Not so much, but it looks we may hear about it much more.
Republicans are praying over the same domestic message, how they are going to lower the costs of daily life for barely surviving Americans, but the question remains the same. How would they acquire money from breaking down middle class, and class structure, which was sustaining economy so far and it’s shrinking in iceberg melting speed level?
America doesn’t have money, it’s swimming in outrageous debt, spent more money on military operations all around the world and same time it suppose to provide good wages and all other amazing promises to Americans. We know these promises will never happen, don’t we?
First of all, America had during especially last century, well established Cartel, which calls itself a government.  Most Americans wanted to believe in everlasting well-being, when pink future is awaiting all and the incidental injustice happening in front of our faces, could be ignored. Well, not any more. Now, more or less, all of us feel impact of suicidal politics and corpocracy which rules the political world. It is not a discovery any more, that while Congress is busy with endless game of ‘what Russia did, what Russia said’, Americans are staring in disbelief at their shrinking bank accounts, falling down infrastructure, damaged healthcare and jobless raise of new generation. All so-called securities are flashing away graciously in toilet bowl of ever-growing Matrix.
American Dream is over. But it also will lead to another disaster: Americans getting involved yet in another war, which is coming faster than the expected. Finding the enemy is not a problem at this point. It is only a matter of how well hidden problem of American economics will surface in full glory and when it happens, none of us will like it.





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