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Factual Yankism

Comparison between USA and Canada in factual rating of daily life reportings.

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Human Extinction

Parallel with the extinction of bees and many other aspects of our life, it is enough for life on earth to end faster than any war would limit or end … Continue reading

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Holocaust of Europe

Political correctness is over. For those who still support idea of defending Islamization of Europe or pity political excuses of terror attacks described as ‘incidents’, they will soon have to … Continue reading

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Article discussing overpopulation and not eqully distributed goods problem

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Radicalization of Europe

According to Dziewulski, Specialist in fight with terrorism: “Fear in Europe has reached such a level today, terrorists dreamed of. They want to subdue society. And this can only be … Continue reading

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Asylum Paradox and War

” It is not that terrorism is so strong, it is that our ways of life are too weak to respond to it in the right way…” Widely discussed in … Continue reading

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Blue Collar Class and Politics

“Why do people still vote and choose governments which fail them continously?“ There is now wide debate in majority of global population about credibility of political world. People intuitionally feel … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not. There are many predictions out there which of course shape in accordance to our will as humans. However, if humans … Continue reading

May 11, 2017 · 1 Comment

PP = Political Prostitution

We all know that legal or illegal prostitution is out there, however not many out there realize it is inseparable part of politics. There is saying that politicians in majority … Continue reading

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