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Scenarios of possible II Korean war

Indirect interpretation of one of the most thoughtful articles in “Sputnik ” magazine published in April 2017 ( (….) To many experts, only thing Trump can do, is to use … Continue reading

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Where REAL war takes place?

“All so-called securities are flashing away graciously in toilet bowl of ever-growing Matrix” There are many, VERY well written articles about how global scenario plays out, but for the public … Continue reading

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Made in America

It is no Poliszynel mystery Americans in general are very conservative. It is proven on each step, discussing topics like religion all the way to politics. Of course to many … Continue reading

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Polish – Polish War

“There is nothing worse, than leading country‚Äôs fate into dismantling it on own terms” In our history we had many times examples of Polish-Polish war. Why? One would ask. It … Continue reading

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EU, Poland and TK reform

If you are not familiar with latest news about justice system changes in Poland or you watch/read mainstream media bubble about it, you must recognize of what real implications it … Continue reading

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Factual Yankism

Comparison between USA and Canada in factual rating of daily life reportings.

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Human Extinction

Parallel with the extinction of bees and many other aspects of our life, it is enough for life on earth to end faster than any war would limit or end … Continue reading

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Holocaust of Europe

Political correctness is over. For those who still support idea of defending Islamization of Europe or pity political excuses of terror attacks described as ‘incidents’, they will soon have to … Continue reading

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Article discussing overpopulation and not eqully distributed goods problem

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