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Changing World


America’s clock is ticking. It is ticking because Americans chose to be lemurs and have little by little their believe in greatness of America taken away. If anyone from outside … Continue reading

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Gun Mentality in America

“Americans need to change their thinking about guns. They like it or not…” With numerous ongoing mass or individual shootings in US,  seems like Americans are quite comfortable and satisfied … Continue reading

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Pyramids and ends of the world…

For some time now, I have been following a story of pyramids. Among other structures – these especially – seem like structures built with human power, but with non-human mind … Continue reading

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EU vs. Poland and Hungary

“Do we need to help others? Of course – we do. But wisely” You really don’t need to be an Einstein (tip: extremely high IQ person) to see what direction … Continue reading

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Debt and War. North Korea.

War and debt = 2 inseparable forces. If you ever want to figure if certain war would happen or not, you need to look no further, than which country is … Continue reading

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War Rethorics

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein   When few articles back, … Continue reading

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Scenarios of possible II Korean war

Indirect interpretation of one of the most thoughtful articles in “Sputnik ” magazine published in April 2017 ( (….) To many experts, only thing Trump can do, is to use … Continue reading

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Where REAL war takes place?

“All so-called securities are flashing away graciously in toilet bowl of ever-growing Matrix” There are many, VERY well written articles about how global scenario plays out, but for the public … Continue reading

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Made in America

It is no Poliszynel mystery Americans in general are very conservative. It is proven on each step, discussing topics like religion all the way to politics. Of course to many … Continue reading

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