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Changing World

Ladies and Gentlemen: Enjoy the War.

It seems, as undeniably “big boys” of the world are preparing for yet another devastating and sweeping major world population off the globe surface, war. It also seems, magically, Poland … Continue reading

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Prognosis – 2017

Few prognosis or predictions quite directly describe year 2017: 1. First Year of major changes in 4 year cycle. 2. Big scale movements, strikes, demonstrations, many people angered and demanding … Continue reading

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Syria – Unbelievable? You bet not. It is happening right in front of your eyes.

  “This war, like many others, was planned and executed to the point of no return. To all humanity it means next step of global scale conflict” If you ever … Continue reading

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Collective Idiotism. Why are we THIS stupid and can we fix it somehow?

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Around the Globe

Situation in extreme shortcut on global affairs: Regardless of regional powers influence, we all have to deal with natural resources crisis, growing social unrest, economical collapse, technological advancement leading to … Continue reading

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Trump Era and Millennials

Analysis why Trump’s America won’t stand a chance with Millennials vision.

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Polish Inventions and the World

While the world is busy getting into drama of wars, conflicts, political theatre and regional power control, PolesĀ  (more on Poland and Poles) are busy with solutions, being more and … Continue reading

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Existential questions about life and reason of existence

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Trump and his America

Trump-phobia and its analysis.

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