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Nostradamus in our times…

As written in this piece: quote:  “In the early 1990’s, after the Gulf War ended, Nostradamus followers wildly speculated that Sa(u)ddam Hussein was the third Anti-Christ. Many scholars have interpreted … Continue reading

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Doomed Humanity

What is always a repeating pattern, is the phenomena of point 0. All things, all beings, all existence – in whichever form – circle back to this point. From the … Continue reading

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Climate Apocalypse

climate change

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Two clubs. To which one do you belong?

Story about migration to Europe

July 17, 2018

Bible and Explanation

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” ― Galileo Galilei, … Continue reading

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Einstein was right (among some others). Universal knowledge.

Humans….we urgently need help of aliens. It is because, we simply can not stop supporting all this boys loaded with testosterone, who like to play the war, time and time … Continue reading

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“Why have we let a bunch of angry mentally, unstable emotionally, unavailable to us men, rule our world?” This question will remain till end of humanity. Glorious or rather not … Continue reading

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America Course

Tax reform, trade war, border wall, Syrian conflict, NK etc. – these are “accomplishments” of current US administration. In every household in America, there must be some confusion, what the … Continue reading

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Truth in History

“Over 500 cases of the use of the phrase “Polish death camps” were found thanks to the use of the “Remember” application, which is available from February 2016 – announced … Continue reading

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