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Abortion Paradox

Governing body in Poland decided to push through total – punishable under law – decree about ‘no abortion’ law in any circumstances. Specifically this applies to usage of aborting pills or contraceptives. However, once woman decides to abort, she is excluded from this ruling. Wait! What?
Thousands of women and men came out in recent demonstration with banners like ‘separate civic cases from religious views, church and state’ and ‘keep government’s hands from deciding what woman should do or not with unborn or even unconceived child… “
Sometimes public must hold their heads in disbelief, how stupid and senseless these official proposals are.
And that’s the case of Poland’s public. Current government hopes for demographic willingness of women to produce as many offsprings as possible displays another paradox: this is purely coming from men perspective, among whom, only fraction percent of women voice out same concerns. If government ruled mainly by men, opposed even usage of contraceptives, maybe we should create decree, which directly affects men biology and specific ‘adjustments and intervention’ into man’s body to make it even?
What about putting men on every month bleeding cycle and having fun with this procedure or giving them little pre-taste of birth labour pains and any related discomforts connected either with PMS or hormonal therapy?
This would be a precedence. Wouldn’t?
Medical technology advancements are impressive in today’s world….
Undeniably woman is in charge of these decisions, no government ruling will stop it and paradoxically it will create even bigger ‘abortion underground’ and many dead child-mother cases.
Ruling officials have to face it: we are buried deep in the ground demographically. Convincing women to carry life has nowadays little to no sense and basis for sustaining population are rather grim. We have to deal with much worse problems like changing climate and consequences on future generations.
What is the point of bringing them into this world if they have slim to zero chances of surviving?
Women also got to senses, saying they have no business or desire in giving birth to child due to rape, same with pregnancy endangering mother’s life. It’s not trade-off of any kind – in that case every woman knowing she would have to die, due to pregnancy or labour complications, would have to ‘happily’ lay herself on ‘sacrifice table’, to make rest of humanity satisfied enough. No folks. “It ain’t happening” and there are more women, who not only decide not to have child in first place, but there is growing number of those, who admit they would not want to have one in first place. There is no nature ruling which forces any species to survive, if these species chose not to. Additionally we added to this planet enough crap, polluting water, lands and ourselves, to carry on with human reproduction. We are contrary driving ourselves into extinction due to elements like economics, environmental and social hazard. Women finally took their voice in saying: “we leave life on this planet up to its own ending” as for centuries no one wanted to admit that ultimately a woman has the most decisive word in creating or terminating life.

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