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Stupidity ultimately will kill us all…

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” – once Abraham Lincoln said.
I would add to it my own quote: “Stupidity ultimately will kill us all without exceptions
It applies to all countries, without exception.
Humanity seems to act on politics, finances and everything in between as it is in very early stages of brain development on this planet. Some scientists already stated that humans are in extremely primitive stage of evolution and it is required to survive for another millions of years to reach a level of development, which would assure us, we can create incredible and so long sought reality around us. For now masses or as you wish: mob know only few ways to respond to world mess – from marches all the way to wars, but marches are not sufficient any more and wars solve exactly nothing apart from eliminating or destroying life.
Average Joe can walk his all life through streets of Seattle or New York or Sydney for that matter, being a marching puzzle of masses who hope for better future, which never arrives. And even if it arrives for a while, earthy paradise doesn’t last too long. We all march when damage is already done or when we start crawling in disbelief of what happens around, but to prevent this damage – none of us make a statement.
We wait, till things get so nasty and bad, that our very own existence is at jeopardy.
Let’s look at different world we could all create,  if we had a little more wisdom in our heads and solutions coming with this wisdom:
1. Border controls. We all create countries with borders. Then we create thousands of regulations hoping that some bad guys won‘t cross. America in current time is best parody of it. If any leader of nowadays world would read a little more about wisdom examples of past generations, he would quote A.Lincoln words above. Masses believe they can be more secure when governments seal borders. Well, past has proven numerous times this doesn‘t work when internal threat exists. To eradicate internal threat is never possible, unless a leader creates educated and smart society which simply doesn‘t seem enough ‘attractive’ to bed influences. Should we then become paranoid with each other? Nothing more misleading. This is how regime societies form. So we may ask ourselves: what would happen if no borders at all existed? Utopia? Think again.
2. Religion. Religion existed since people asked themselves questions about how did they come to this world, where they originated and if this very world, so perfectly created is accidental event or almighty being stands behind it. Because of all these questions we created ourselves image of god we now compete about. Nations, affiliations and individuals are in argument whose god is better or more powerful. This proves point of extreme stupidity right there. There is no need of analyzing where the truth in all of it is, as we are ready to kill each other “in the name of god” anyway.God(s) must have a good laugh of our own creation. So we may ask ourselves again: what truly religion is for? To comfort us in our convictions or to divide us in our views on supreme being?
3. Countries. We are very proud of our national identities, but many of us can not even specify what is the meaning of being ‘more’ American or ‘more’ Irish. Dual or multiple citizens must have a real headache figuring it out. What truly is our nationality value, our identity as Irish or American? Luckily we know some answers to that: it is – in very general terms- our “belonginess” to values, traditions, culture, history of the country we want to represent with all our being.
We got that out-of-the-way.
Now, to shout out loudly on streets how “proud American” (in Trump era) or “Brit” you are (especially in Brexit era) may be not such noble idea, considering some other people maybe be visibly offended by your demonstration of love to your roots and beliefs. Everyone has right to voice it out, but it is at our own discretion to do so. America, as very diversified nation, can be best example of identity lack , as this is most heterogeneous country on this earth, however it doesn’t mean it can not sustain its existence, but Americans overall may claim ‘any identity’ recognition for that matter.
From funding fathers point of view those who consider themselves Americans, are of very different religions, backgrounds, traditions, beliefs etc. We may ask ourselves: does it work well for America? Would this concept of American nation be applied anywhere else? As a matter of fact we are never solely homogeneous. Possibly most homogeneous are native communities remaining in deep bushes of Amazon jungle or elsewhere.
So next question is: do concept of countries and borders work at all for us? Do we need countries (and borders) as they are existing presently? For tax filers or business guys the answer gets more complicated, but that is the topic for separate article.
So let‘s look closer at one, very special aspect of our existence:
4. Education. It is proven fact, that if more is invested by each country in its citizens in terms of RIGHT education, more citizens of these countries are prone to have less internal problems. Academic education is not discussed here, rather what is called “life wisdom”. We have numerous examples of “stupid” nations vs. more bright ones. And undeniably wiser nations pay always a price of ignorance and idiocy of less educated nations. We all have divisions, but most vivid division is when average Joe is so stupid he or she doesn’t even know how stupid they are.
That is a one single true tragedy and one most single threat to our very existence.
And it doesn’t matter which country we come from, how many borders we have around us and how much religion affiliation we do represent, but being stupid is what ultimately will kill us all. As implications of stupidity reach much further than borders, countries, religions and all other idiotic crap combined.

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